MindCORE Associates are post-doctoral scholars and graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania with emerging or established records of research on topics connected to mind and brain, and who are mentored by MindCORE faculty. To become a MindCORE Associate, please click here.


Ada Aka
Graduate student – Departments of Psychology and Marketing
Human memory, judgments and decision making


Kristin Brethel-Haurwitz
Postdoc – Department of Psychology
Empathy, social decision making


Stephanie Bugden
Postdoc – Department of Psychology
Mathematical cognition, learning disability, number word learning, cognitive neuroscience


Shereen Chang
Graduate Student- Department of Philosophy
Philosophy of science, nonhuman animal cognition (especially avian), implications of animal cognition research


Corey Cusimano
Graduate Student – Department of Psychology
Social cognition, moral judgment, theory of mind


Eugen Dimant
Postdoc – Program in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE)
Experimental behavioral economics, behavioral ethics, crime economics, migration, norms


Ariana Familiar
Graduate Student – Department of Psychology
Learning, memory, machine learning approaches for studying the brain and memory


Megan Healey
Graduate student – Department of Neuroscience
Language comprehension, language impairment in neurodegenerative disease


Stacey Humphries
Postdoc – Department of Neurology and Center for Cognitive Neuroscience
Neuroaesthetics, concepts, actions, language, gesture


Yoed Kenett
Postdoc – Department of Psychology
Creativity, semantic networks, memory, high-level cognition


Anna Leshinskaya
Postdoc – Department of Psychology
Learning, semantic memory, concepts


Julia Leonard
Postdoc – MindCORE
Understanding the factors motivating hildren’s decisions to persist in the face of challenges, and applications of this research to real-world learning


Zhengang Lu
Postdoc – Department of Psychology
Cognitive neuroscience


Brenna Maddox
Postdoc – Department of Psychiatry
Autism services; Implementation Science


Anne Park
Graduate student – Department of Psychology
Early life adversity, brain development, self-control, reward processing, emotion regulation


Brittany Rudd
Postdoc – Department of Psychiatry
Implementation science; Community-based participatory research; Implementation of EBPs in community settings; Family Court; Juvenile justice; Parenting interventions; Divorce; Behavioral Sleep Medicine


Simone Schriger
Graduate student – Department of Psychology
Implementation science, global mental health


Cybelle Smith
Postdoc – Department of Psychology
Semantic memory, Working memory and attention, Contextual facilitation of semantic processing in language and vision


Kristopher Smith
Graduate student – Department of Psychology
Social preferences, moral cognition, cooperation, and culture


Marco Smolla
Postdoc – Department of Biology
Cultural evolution, creative innovation, and the emergence of social norms


Ursula Tooley
Graduate Student – Department of Neuroscience
Early environmental impacts on functional brain network development, plasticity & learning, curiosity

Steven Weisberg
Postdoc – Department of Neurology
Spatial cognition, navigation, fMRI


Colin Twomey
Postdoc – MindCORE
Using information theory to understand the social dynamics that cause natural languages to form efficient descriptions of sensory information.


Jeremy Zehr
Postdoc – Departments of Linguistics and Psychology
Semantics and Pragmatics


Wanling Zou
Graduate student – Department of Psychology
Moral psychology, moral neuroscience, moral learning, neuroaesthetics, neuropsychiatry

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