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CNI seminar: Brett Foster

November 1, 2022
12:00 PM - 1:15 PM

Brett Foster Department of Neurosurgery University of Pennsylvania   Limits on the functional role of gamma oscillations in visual perception   Neocortical ‘gamma oscillations’ have repeatedly been proposed as a mechanism of visual perception, and cognition more generally, by coordinating neural activity within and between brain areas. Historically, non-human primate electrophysiology has reported narrowband gamma […]

Join Dani Bassett (Penn Engineering) and Perry Zurn (American University) for a discussion of their new book, available from MIT Press.     In Curious Minds: The Power of Connection, the twins draw on their previous research, as well as an expansive network of ideas from philosophy, history, education and art. They identify three styles of […]

Jennifer Culbertson Director, Centre for Language Evolution University of Edinburgh   Linking cognitive biases to language universals   A foundational goal of linguistics has been to understand why languages look the way they do. We know that languages are shaped by a range of forces, from limitations on our cognitive system, to cognition-external facts about […]

Maria Brucato Research in Spatial Cognition Lab Temple Neurocognition Lab Temple University   Perspective taking in spatial and social contexts   Perspective taking (PT) is the ability to imagine perspectives that differ from our own. Understanding what others believe (cognitive PT) and feel (affective PT) allows us to better navigate social situations, and understanding what […]