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  • From January 1, 2018

Speaker: Héctor Javier Title: A variational model of the loss of English OV Abstract: The notoriously variable word order within VP in Old and Middle English has been analysed by Pintzuk & Taylor (2006), among others, as the competition between two mutually incompatible grammars, henceforth OV -> VO.  Whereas prior work has relied on having the […]

We will also stream this seminar via Zoom. For the link, contact us: pennmindcore@sas.upenn.edu   Corlett Wood Department of Biology University of Pennsylvania   Why is a plant biologist giving a MindCORE seminar?  Cooperation, conflict, and crosstalk in host-microbe interactions   My lab studies cooperation, conflict, and crosstalk in host-microbe interactions. We primarily use plants and microbes […]

MindCORE Grad student/Postdoc Career Panel    Join us for a career panel with current/recent grad students and postdocs that have secured employment post-Penn: Ada Aka (Psychology and Marketing PhD) – Assistant Professor at Stanford University Sarah Solomon (Psychology Post-doc) — Assistant Professor at Binghamton University Sara Taylor (Neuroscience PhD) — Data Scientist at Cleveland Clinic   […]