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  • From January 1, 2018

We will also stream this seminar via Zoom. For the link, please contact us: pennmindcore@sas.upenn.edu   Robert Reinhart Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences Boston University   Noninvasive neuromodulation for impaired cognition   In the past century, age-related cognitive deficits and dementia have surged, and this trend is expected to intensify with the rapidly aging […]

Steven Van Hooser Department of Biology Brandeis University   Early experience and development of the visual system   The development of sensory systems such as the visual system depends on both experience-dependent and experience-independent factors. The development of motion selectivity in visual cortex in ferret depends on visual experience, but are the parameters of the […]

Join us for virtual short talks by MindCORE Fellowship candidates. For the Zoom link, please email: pennmindcore@sas.upenn.edu   Fabian Baumann – Cultural Evolution & Cognitive Science 9:10-9:50am Studies how culture evolves as a collaborative process influenced by both social interactions and intelligent algorithms. In his research, he uses different methods, including dynamical systems modeling, natural […]