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CIS seminar: Caroline Trippel

January 29, 2019
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Caroline Trippel Computer Science Princeton University   Made to Order: Verifying Correctness and Security of Hardware through Event Orderings   Correctness and security problems in modern computer systems can result from problematic hardware event orderings and interleavings during an application’s execution. Since hardware designs are complex and since a single user-facing instruction can exhibit a […]

Penn grad students, postdocs and RAs are invited to lunch with interesting guests. Not a seminar – they’ll take 10 minutes to introduce their work, then it’s pure conversation. Sandwiches and drinks served.   Paul Mitchell is a doctoral student in the Department of Anthropology. He will be discussing scientific racism in the study of the […]

Location: Room 357 Levin Building   Enrique Fatas School of Business and Economics Loughborough University   Democracy fights in darkness   It is an empirical regularity that democratic countries go to war with each other less than pairs of dictatorships (the so called dyadic interaction). The question is whether this relation is causal: do democracies […]