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Tali Sharot Department of Experimental Psychology University College London   Affect & Decision-Making in Health and Disease   The ability to use information to adaptively guide behavior is central to intelligence. My work describes the role of affect in this process. In this talk I will present our recent research characterizing the influence of affect […]

Doug Guilbault Annenberg School for Communication University of Pennsylvania   Attractor Dynamics in the Social Construction of Categories   It is widely held that communication leads social groups to differ in the cultural traits and linguistic categories they adopt. Because individuals can vary in how they form novel categories, larger population sizes are said to […]

Robin Dembroff Department of Philosophy Yale University   Positions in Patriarchy: Retooling the Metaphysics of Gender   Decades of feminist theory have approached the question ‘what is gender?’ with an eye to gender as a system— in particular, the system that creates and sustains patriarchy. Using this approach, feminists have proposed theories of gender focused on […]