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Emily Falk Annenberg School of Communication   Neuroscience approaches to understanding how ideas and behaviors are spread   Location:┬áRoom 260 Jon M. Huntsman Hall, 3730 Walnut St.   Each year, the CNS Public Talk Series highlights an issue or theme. The 2019-2020 theme is Penn Research on Neuroscience and Society. We are featuring faculty from […]

Jesse Goldberg Department of Neurobiology & Behavior Cornell University   Male songbirds turn off their self-evaluation systems when they sing to females   Attending to mistakes while practicing alone provides opportunities for learning1, 2, but self-evaluation during audience-directed performance could distract from ongoing execution3. It remains unknown how animals switch between practice and performance modes, […]

Andrea Beltrama MindCORE Fellow University of Pennsylvania   When is the food simply delicious? Tackling the puzzle of emphatic exclusives   When occurring next to predicates located at the extreme of a scale, exclusive modifiers such as “just” and “simply” contribute an emphatic effect, intensifying the meaning of the utterance. I will refer to these […]