Event Category: MindCORE Seminar Series

Chen Yu Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences Indiana University Bloomington   Statistical Learning from the Infant’s Point of View   The world presents learners with many statistical regularities. Considerable evidence indicates that humans are adept at discovering those regularities across many different domains including language, vision, and social behavior. In this talk, I will […]

Sandeep Prasada Department of Psychology Hunter College   Thinking and Talking About Kinds and Their Instances   Lexically expressible concepts typically provide multiple intricate and abstract perspectives from which to think and talk. For example, the concept DOG provides a perspective from which to think and talk about a particular thing as one of indefinitely […]

Maya Bar-Hillel Federmann Center for the Study of Rationality The Hebrew University, Safra Campus   Towards a theory of default representations   Rosch (1975) studied the cognitive representations of semantic categories. A chair is a prototypical representative of “furniture.” A 4-legged wooden chair with a back rest but no hand rests is a prototypical representative […]

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