Felipe De Brigard Department of Philosophy Department of Psychology and Neuroscience Center for Cognitive Neuroscience Duke Institute for Brain Sciences Duke University   Varieties of counterfactual thinking   Our capacity to imagine alternative ways in which reality could have been is known as counterfactual thinking. However, recent evidence suggest that this cognitive ability is not […]

ILST Seminar: Sudha Arunachalam

November 19, 2018
1:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Sudha Arunachalam NYU/Boston University   Input and intake in verb acquisition   The challenges of lexical acquisition, and young children’s solutions to these challenges, have been well studied. In recent work, I’ve been focusing on two aspects of this research program: refining our understanding of how children use linguistic information to learn new verb meanings, […]

How to write a successful research grant MindCORE Professional Development Series   We are excited to announce that we are launching the MindCORE Professional Development Series, formerly known as SCIPS (Successful Careers in Psychological Science). Our mission is to support and enhance the professional development of trainees within MindCORE. Panelists: Dr. Konrad Kording (Professor, Dept […]

CNI Seminar: Benjamin Machta

November 27, 2018
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Benjamin Machta Department of Physics Yale University   Information geometry and Bayesian priors for model selection    Science is filled with toy models: abstractions of complicated systems that ignore microscopic details even when they are known. These toy models are often as good and even better than more accurate models. But why? In this talk […]