What can we learn from experiencing, reflecting on, and discussing virtual reality? What are the useful applications of, or risks of VR? Why does it “work?” What are the differences between experiencing virtual reality and experiencing reality? Is there anything special about actions or social interactions mediated by VR? Come play with a VR system […]

SBSI seminar: Tim Mullett

October 16, 2019
12:00 PM - 1:15 PM

Tim Mullett Assistant Professor, Behavioural Science University of Warwick   Using health and policing data to predict impulsive and harmful behaviours   The advent of digital databases and the ever growing accessibility of big data means that it is increasingly possible to take behavioural science out of the laboratory and examine effects in the real […]

Hollie Putnam Department of Biological Sciences University of Rhode Island   Avenues of Marine Invertebrate Acclimatization in Response to Rapid Environmental Change   The swiftly changing climate presents a challenge to organismal fitness by creating a mismatch between the current environment and phenotypes adapted to historic conditions. Rapid compensatory response to environmental change generated by […]