Penn Neuroscience graduate students are hosting a public lecture entitled “The Hippocampus: A Brain Region Worth Remembering” which will feature 15-minute TED style talks from three Philadelphia-area neuroscience faculty members:   Dr. Douglas Coulter -Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine Dr. Amelia Eisch – Children’s Hospital of […]

Janice Chen Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences Johns Hopkins University   Brain Dynamics Underlying Memory for Continuous Natural Events   The world confronts our senses with a continuous stream of rapidly changing information. Yet, we experience life as a series of episodes or events, and in memory these pieces seem to become even further […]

Michael Frank Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences Stanford University   Bigger data about smaller people: Investigating children’s language learning at scale   Every typically developing child learns to talk, but children vary tremendously in how and when they do so. What predicts this variability? And which aspects of early language learning are consistent across […]