Helen Mayberg Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai   Depression Unstuck: Targeted Modulation of Mood and Motor Circuits using DBS   Deep Brain Stimulation, the targeted modulation of discrete neural circuits using implanted electrodes, is an emerging experimental treatment strategy for patients with intractable major depression. As testing of DBS in this context has […]

Julien Musolino Department of Psychology Center for Cognitive Science Rutgers University   Studying language acquisition during the preschool period: do we need a new paradigm?   The preschool years have been a particularly fruitful developmental period for research on language acquisition for two main reasons. The first is that preschoolers are sophisticated language users and […]

RSVPs are requested for this event. To attend, please send your response to:   Coding is a necessary activity of contemporary labs. In the last decade or so, modern version control systems (such as git) and online code sharing platforms (such as GitHub) have profoundly changed coding practices.   These technologies were designed to: […]