Nicolò Cesana-Arlotti Department of Psychology Yale University   Foundations of logical thought in human infants and children   Humans’ disposition for rational learning, planning, and decision-making is unparalleled in the natural world. Foundational views in the cognitive sciences hold that to learn, think, and talk as we do, we rely upon a “language of thought” […]

We will also stream this seminar via Zoom. For the link, please contact us:   Robert Reinhart Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences Boston University   Noninvasive neuromodulation for impaired cognition   In the past century, age-related cognitive deficits and dementia have surged, and this trend is expected to intensify with the rapidly aging […]

Steven Van Hooser Department of Biology Brandeis University   Early experience and development of the visual system   The development of sensory systems such as the visual system depends on both experience-dependent and experience-independent factors. The development of motion selectivity in visual cortex in ferret depends on visual experience, but are the parameters of the […]