Richard Shiffrin Memory and Perception Lab Indiana University   Cursor movements analyzed with a Hidden Markov Model provide rapid reliable inference about cognition   Individuals’ use of attention is studied by use of a mouse to move a cursor to rapidly appearing and disappearing targets, and not toward foils. Four aspects of the cursor movement […]

Anjan Chatterjee Department of Neurology   Hidden brain responses to the aesthetics of people and places   Location: Jon M. Huntsman Hall 260, 3730 Walnut St.   Each year, the CNS Public Talk Series highlights an issue or theme. The 2019-2020 theme is Penn Research on Neuroscience and Society. We are featuring faculty from four of […]

Nick Bellono Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology Harvard University   Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Unique Sensory System Adaptations   Sensory systems often show enhanced rates of adaptation or evolutionary drift compared with other systems, reflecting an organism’s need to adapt to a specific ecological niche. Indeed, highly specialized structures have evolved to detect a diverse […]