Sandeep Prasada Department of Psychology Hunter College   Thinking and Talking About Kinds and Their Instances   Lexically expressible concepts typically provide multiple intricate and abstract perspectives from which to think and talk. For example, the concept DOG provides a perspective from which to think and talk about a particular thing as one of indefinitely […]

SBSI seminar: Simine Vazire

October 25, 2019
3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Simine Vazire Associate Professor, Psychology University of California, Davis   Do we want to be credible or incredible?   What makes a scientific claim credible? Historically, we have relied on various safeguards against high levels of false positive results, such as counting on peer review to catch most errors, waiting for consensus among experts before […]

Dave Kleinschmidt Department of Psychology Rutgers University New Brunswick   Language processing in the face of variability: Distributional learning all the way down?   On the one hand, talker variability is one of the fundamental challenges for speech recognition: each talker has their own mapping from linguistic units to sounds, which means that an effective […]