CNI seminar: Chris Harvey

April 2, 2019
12:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Chris Harvey Department of Neurobiology Harvard University   Cortical dynamics for flexible navigation decisions   We study flexible sensorimotor decision-making in mice during navigation-based tasks in virtual reality. I will present approaches to study this topic using analyses of population dynamics from calcium imaging movies, optogenetic perturbations, and measurements of behavioral variability. We have developed […]

The 2018-2019 Center for Neuroscience and Society (CNS) Talk Series focuses on Drugs, the Brain and Society. Lectures run 4:30-5:30 followed by discussion and a reception. Our lectures are free to attend, but due to limited seating, please rsvp to:   Thursday, April 4 Time to put brain science, not politics, at the centre of drug policy* David […]

ILST seminar: Kajsa Djärv

April 5, 2019
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Kajsa Djärv Department of Linguistics University of Pennsylvania   Factive verbs: a multi-dimensional approach to the syntax and meaning of assertion and presupposition   This talk looks at sentences like (1), which involve finite that-clauses embedded under different classes of verbs.   (1) John {said, believes, doubts, resents, discovered} that Mary likes Kraftwerk.   Semantically, […]

Chaz Firestone Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences Johns Hopkins University   Taking a machine’s perspective   How similar is the human mind to the sophisticated machine-learning systems that can behave like it? Biologically inspired neural network models — including ever-more-popular DeepNets — have taken our field by storm, reaching human-level benchmarks in recognizing new […]