Kenneth Norman Department of Psychology Princeton Neuroscience Institute Princeton University   Computational principles of event memory   Our ability to understand ongoing events depends critically on general knowledge about how different kinds of situations work (schemas), and also on recollection of specific instances of these situations that we have previously experienced (episodic memory). The consensus […]

You are invited! Final Group Project Presentation for BDS 501 Behavioral Science: Theory & Application of Experimental Methods Join MBDS students and faculty for a final group project poster presentation for the BDS 501 course. For their projects, six groups of students are examining decision-making through the lens of behavioral economics. Their projects are original […]

SCEW Seminar: Kristopher Smith

December 6, 2019
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Kristopher Smith Department of Psychology University of Pennsylvania   Hadza hunter-gatherers and the evolution of human cooperation   Cooperation among humans differs from other species in scope and scale, and explaining how humans evolved this propensity to cooperate remains a challenge. Numerous theories and models have been developed to answer this question and they all […]