Benjamin van Buren Seminar: Perception and Cognitive Impenetrability   In this seminar, New School professor Benjamin van Buren will discuss his work and that of the Scholl lab at Yale on perception and the problem of cognitive impenetrability. A limited number of seats are available. Lunch is included. If you wish to attend, please RSVP […]

Marc Johnson Department of Biology University of Toronto   The Evolution of Life in the Urban Jungle   Urban areas represent the fastest growing ecosystem on earth, in which the development of cities dramatically changes the biotic and abiotic environment to create novel ecosystems. Despite the importance of urbanization, we have little understanding of how […]

Sandeep Prasada Department of Psychology Hunter College   Thinking and Talking About Kinds and Their Instances   Lexically expressible concepts typically provide multiple intricate and abstract perspectives from which to think and talk. For example, the concept DOG provides a perspective from which to think and talk about a particular thing as one of indefinitely […]