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Ueli Rutishauser Center for Neural Science and Medicine, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Division of Biology and Biological Engineering, California Institute of Technology   Probing human memory at the single-neuron level   Memories are central to cognition and define each of us as an individual. We are utilizing extracellular recordings in humans undergoing neurosurgical procedures and computational […]

Anne Charity Hudley Department of Linguistics North Hall Endowed Chair in the Linguistics of African America University of California, Santa Barbara   Talking College: A Community Based Language and Racial Identity Development Model for Black College Student Justice   As Ashkenas, Park, and Pearce (2017) summarize, Black and Latix students “are more underrepresented at the […]

MIRA-Open Seminar: Megan Peters

February 24, 2020
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Megan Peters Assistant Professor of Neuroscience UC Riverside / UC Irvine   Computational Approaches to Studying Qualia   Few people tackle the neural or computational basis of qualitative experience (Frith 2019).  Why?  One major reason is that science and philosophy have both struggled to propose how we might even begin to start studying it.  I […]