ILST seminar: Kajsa Djärv

April 5, 2019
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Kajsa Djärv Department of Linguistics University of Pennsylvania   Factive verbs: a multi-dimensional approach to the syntax and meaning of assertion and presupposition   This talk looks at sentences like (1), which involve finite that-clauses embedded under different classes of verbs.   (1) John {said, believes, doubts, resents, discovered} that Mary likes Kraftwerk.   Semantically, […]

Chaz Firestone Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences Johns Hopkins University   Taking a machine’s perspective   How similar is the human mind to the sophisticated machine-learning systems that can behave like it? Biologically inspired neural network models — including ever-more-popular DeepNets — have taken our field by storm, reaching human-level benchmarks in recognizing new […]

CNI seminar: Judith Hirsch

April 9, 2019
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Judith Hirsch Department of Biological Sciences USC   Understanding how inhibitory circuits in the thalamus contribute to vision   The thalamus is often viewed as a gatekeeper, relaying sensory signals to the cortex during waking and halting their flow during sleep. While true, this is an impoverished description. Our work explores how circuits in the […]

  Location: BRB 14th Floor Lounge, 421 Curie Boulevard   Marcia K. Johnson Sterling Professor Emerita, Yale University Franklin Award Winner 2019, Computer and Cognitive Science   “Memory and Reality”   Marcia Johnson is being honored by the Franklin Institute for her pioneering theories, the Multiple-Entry, Modular memory system (MEM) and the Source Monitoring Framework […]