CNI Seminar: Julie Haas

November 23, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Julie Haas Department of Biological Sciences Lehigh University   BRB 251 and via Zoom   Electrical Synapses: Plasticity and Cortical Attention to the Sensory Surround   Electrical synapses are the main form of communication within the thalamic reticular nucleus, which focuses an attentional spotlight for the cortex. I will show our experimental evidence that these synapses […]

Dr. Hiroyuki Kato (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill): “Cortical area-specific roles in spectro-temporal integration”   In our daily life, even in the face of multiple sound sources, our brain binds together frequency components that belong to the same source and recognizes individual sound objects. This “feature binding” relies on the precise synchrony of each component’s onset […]

Kristin Brethel-Haurwitz Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research National Institutes of Health   The 9th Annual GVR Khodadad Lecture: The neuroscience of altruism, selfishness and wellbeing   Each year the CNS Public Talk Series highlights an issue or theme. The 2021-2022 theme is Wellbeing and the Brain. Lectures run 4:30-5:30 followed by discussion and a reception. Our […]

Marie Claire Villeval GATE (Groupe d’Analyse et de Théorie Economique) University of Lyon   Title forthcoming   Everyone is welcome to attend and can register here:   NoBeC (Norms and Behavioral Change) Talks showcase interdisciplinary early career and senior researchers working on norms and behavioral change around the world. Organized by the Penn Center for […]

ILST seminar: Joseph Coffey

December 3, 2021
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Joseph Coffey Department of Psychology Harvard University   How WEIRD is that? The relationship between parental input and child vocabulary in rural Ghana   A rich body of research has found evidence that child-directed speech plays an important role in the emergence of children’s early language. In some ways, this relationship is intuitive: children learn the language […]