Online Recordings

Each entry is linked to the session recording. We will update this page as new recordings become available.

Virtual Poster Session
The culmination of the Lila R. Gleitman Undergraduate Summer Program in Interdisciplinary Mind and Brain Studies – each of our 13 undergraduate Fellows presents a poster about their summer research.
August 7, 2020


Faculty Research Seminar: Kathryn Davis
Department of Neurology, UPenn
August 5, 2020


Faculty Research Seminar: Ayelet Ruscio
Department of Psychology, UPenn
July 29, 2020


Faculty Research Seminar: John Trueswell
Department of Psychology, UPenn
July 28, 2020


Faculty Research Seminar: Joshua Gold
Department of Neuroscience, UPenn
July 22, 2020


Presenting Research Posters
An information session to learn about using posters for effective science communication.
July 21, 2020


Introduction to Research Posters & Poster Design 
An information session to learn how to create an effective poster and presentation.
July 14, 2020


Faculty Research Seminar: Allyson Mackey
Department of Psychology, UPenn
July 8, 2020


Faculty Research Seminar: Jonathan Baron
Department of Psychology, UPenn
July 1, 2020


Graduate Student Panel
An informal, open-forum Q&A with graduate students from various Departments.
June 30, 2020


Faculty Research Seminar: Anna Papafragou
Department of Linguistics, UPenn
June 24, 2020


Faculty Research Seminar: Sudeep Bhatia
Department of Psychology, UPenn
June 17, 2020


(In)Citing Action to Realize an Equitable Future
Dani Bassett
Department of Bioengineering, UPenn
May 8, 2020



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