MindCORE Outreach Library


Exhibits are sorted by area of scientific study they engage.



Psychology & Developmental Science

Creative Ownership

Observe how children take ownership over their ideas!

Greedy Monkey

Learn how toddlers develop executive function and impulse control!


Learn how children understand number representations!

Body Awareness

Understand how children develop awareness of their body!

Emotion Dolls

Explore how children develop understanding of different emotions!

Infant Vision

Understand how infants see the world!

Owner Dolls

Explore how children understand ownership!


See how children conceptualize different categories!

Equity Puppets

Learn how children explore equity principles!

Theory of Mind

Explore how children assess self-control and view different perspectives!


Explore how children react to praise!

Sticker Sharing

Explore how children make decisions about resource allocation!

Neuroscience & Biology


Learn about the structure of the skull and brain & why it’s important to wear a helmet!

Magic Berries

Turn lemonade sweet with a brain-tricking berry!

Sweet & Sour Science

Learn about sensory receptors and tongue maps!

Vision Science

Infant Vision

Understand how infants see the world!