Penn’s hub for the integrative study of the mind, connecting researchers across our campus and with our community.


MindCORE increases the broader societal impact of new knowledge about human behavior and decision making gained from current research, and influences public policy and education through coordinated outreach programs


MindCORE bring together faculty with diverse approaches to the study of the mind, from disciplines in the Arts & Sciences to centers and departments in Business, Engineering, Medicine, and other schools.


MindCORE is the home of several undergraduate and graduate programs that are educating the next generation of students of the mind.

Integrated Language Sciences & Technology

Bringing together language science and technology at Penn

Social & Cultural Evolution Working Group

Uniting evolutionary and social sciences at Penn


MindCORE Yoga

From April 5, 2023 to June 28, 2023, Every week at 4:30 PM

MindCORE Yoga

From April 5, 2023 to June 28, 2023, Every week at 4:30 PM

MindCORE Yoga

From April 5, 2023 to June 28, 2023, Every week at 4:30 PM

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Bradley Love, PhD

"How do people represent experiences in a format that doesn’t just remember what happened, but remembers it in a way that’s...

Michael Lee, PhD

"I’m a big fan of what’s called solution-driven science." An interview with Michael Lee, PhD (Professor of Cognitive Sciences,...

Mirta Galesic, PhD

"It's important to just raise your hand, ask the stupid question, and try to encourage the other person to explain things in...

Avram Holmes, PhD

"I'm excited that we're hitting a point where people are publicly acknowledging their struggles, and [psychiatric illnesses are]...

Zhenghan Qi, MD, PhD

"...Collaboration that promotes transparent, sharable, and reproducible research will help us look at variability [in language...

Michael Frank, PhD

“The fact that language development is dependent on our experiences and internal states and varies so much is exciting.”   An...

Jessie Sun, PhD

“Are people who are moral happier?”   An Interview with Jessie Sun, PhD (MindCORE Postdoctoral Fellow, University of...

Janice Chen, PhD

“When you study memory, you come to realize it's both accurate and inaccurate…I think having skepticism about your own...

Daniela Schiller, PhD

"...Other people are also essential or detrimental for survival...I'm interested to see how the brain represents social others...

Jon Freeman, PhD

“You can get people to stop judging…trustworthiness in the short term. The question is: how long do these things persist?”...

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