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Penn’s hub for the integrative study of the mind, connecting researchers across our campus and with our community.


MindCORE increases the broader societal impact of new knowledge about human behavior and decision making gained from current research, and influences public policy and education through coordinated outreach programs


MindCORE bring together faculty with diverse approaches to the study of the mind, from disciplines in the Arts & Sciences to centers and departments in Business, Engineering, Medicine, and other schools.


MindCORE is the home of several undergraduate and graduate programs that are educating the next generation of students of the mind.

Integrated Language Sciences & Technology

Bringing together language science and technology at Penn

Social & Cultural Evolution Working Group

Uniting evolutionary and social sciences at Penn

MindCORE seeks to maintain a supportive community while adhering to the
University’s policies regarding the global outbreak of coronavirus.
Visit for the latest updates, including links to preventive health and travel advisories.

Todd Rogers, PhD

"I try to use behavioral science methods and tools to address important social problems. Those tools are valuable and useful,...

Ueli Rutishauser, PhD

"I am acutely aware of the tremendous importance of memory in defining who each of us are and how devastating it is to lose this...

Andrea Beltrama, PhD

"Every time we use language, we are saying something about what the world out there is like — but also about who we are, where...

Deanna Barch, PhD

"If we can get in there earlier and tilt things on a healthier trajectory, people will end up having positive developmental...

Rista Plate, PhD

"Remembering to be good members of the scientific community and to treat each other with respect is going to be the foundation...

Simon Eickhoff, PhD

"Can we predict mental traits? Can we predict your personality, your cognitive abilities, your disorders based on brain imaging...

Timothy Lillicrap, PhD

"...We have nothing like brains found in the wild yet, but we have truly complex neural systems solving complex behaviors."...

Eva Telzer, PhD

"We see teenagers doing really proactive, prosocial behaviors, and so the perspective of teenagers just being reckless and crazy...

Maya Bar-Hillel, PhD

"I stumbled upon the stumpers work primarily because it's riddles, and I'm a riddle lover." An interview with Maya Bar-Hillel,...

Sandeep Prasada, PhD

“...The obvious things also need to be explained. Often there are deep explanations...”   An interview with Sandeep...