Resources for All Academic Stages

What is accountability?

Power in Academia (zine on sexual misconduct)

Industry career options for neuroscience/psych trainees

Evaluating non-academic career paths

10 simple rules for writing a manuscript

Academic writing: using tenses in a manuscript

Data visualization, building a visual vocabulary

How to review a paper (a guide to writing reviews editors and authors will appreciate)

Twitter for Academic Engagement

List of Behavioral Science Companies

The Professor Is In (Advice for graduate school, academic job market and more)

Start Your Own Writing Room


Undergraduate Resources

Applying to Post-Graduate Research Positions in Psychology

List of Undergraduate & Post-Bac programs in Cognitive Neuroscience

Graduate Degrees Reference Guide

Poster Session Guide

How to write a CV and cover letter (in depth guide with examples)

Resources for finding a post-bacc research job (e.g. lab manager, research assistant)


Applying to Graduate School

How to know you’re ready to apply to grad programs

Tips & what to think about before applying to graduate school

Why and How to Email Faculty Prior to Applying for Grad School

Questions to ask during your PhD interview and when deciding on a program

Spreadsheet of factors to evaluate in making a graduate school decision

How to prepare for graduate school interviews

Templates for asking for a letter of recommendation

Tips for navigating your application

Tips for having phone/video calls with potential PIs

Email template for getting in touch with prospective mentors/lab heads

Tips for applying to clinical psychology graduate programs

How to evaluate fit with a potential graduate advisor

How to pick a graduate advisor

Sample personal statement and interviewing tips

Applying to grad school on a budget and navigating the system


Graduate Student Resources

Collated graduate school resources

A field guide to grad school: uncovering the hidden curriculum

Career Skills toolkit: from PhD to postdoc

Make your development plan (set and meet goals, evaluate multiple STEM career paths)

How to be a graduate advisee


Postdoc Resources

Tips for getting the most out of your postdoc position

Resource Guide for Postdoctoral Fellows