MindCORE supports a variety of public programs on and off campus to engage the academic community and the public with our research.


Our goals for outreach include:


  • Enhance public understanding of human intelligence and behavior;
  • Broaden participation of young scientists from groups typically underrepresented in cognitive and brain science;
  • Inform policy-making across governmental levels with insights about human behavior and decision making;
  • Support and encourage faculty and young investigator outreach initiatives in our community; and
  • Inspire the next generation of explorers of the mind.

 On campus, MindCORE sponsors a weekly seminar series committed to bridging disciplines studying the mind. Talks occur most Fridays beginning at Noon in the SAlL Room of Levin and pizza is available. Seminar speakers are interviewed and you can read more about their work in Interviews with Scientists.


MindCORE faculty and affiliates are available to meet with different audiences to explain our emerging understanding of how the mind works, including as part of formal lecture series, participating in local science festivals and events, and partnering with local museum and schools.


We also sponsor community science initiatives, directly engaging the interested public in research activities.


We are available to cater to the different needs and interests of educators, the media, community partners and the general public. If you are interested in scheduling a workshop or have a guest speaker come to your institution please contact us.


Other seminars and talks related to mind and brain on campus:





Partners & Resources for Science Education


MindCORE either partners with or are fans of the following groups who are also working to enhance the understanding of mind and brain for people of all ages.


At the University of Pennsylvania



In or near Philadelphia



Broader than Philadelphia



Fun Science Podcasts





We welcome additions to this page. Please contact us to make a suggestion.

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