MindCORE Summer Fellowship Program

 June 4 – August 11, 2023



The MindCORE Summer Fellowship Program is a paid 10-week program for both Penn and non-Penn undergraduate students. Summer Fellows are matched with select MindCORE faculty in interdisciplinary mind and brain studies based on student research interest and mentor preference. With their mentors, students embark on a research project shaped as much as possible by their interests. Housing is provided for all non-Penn participants.

Under the supervision of faculty and program staff, students participate in:

  • A 1-week introductory workshop on interdisciplinary research in cognitive science, including a short programming course
  • 9 weeks of mentored research experience
  • Weekly lunches for research discussions & faculty seminars
  • Research ethics training
  • Technical training
  • Lab tours
  • Professional development opportunities that prepare participants for pursuing advanced education and careers in related fields of research
  • Guidance toward creating a final poster or presentation of the student’s summer research work

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Applicants must be enrolled as full-time freshmen, sophomores, or junior undergraduate students at an accredited institution. Graduating seniors are not eligible.

Non-Penn applicants must be U.S. citizens or Permanent Residents, without exception. Non-Penn students who are in the U.S. on any type of visa are not eligible for the program.

Our program is funded through gift and grants from the following sources:



Applicants are asked to indicate their area(s) of research interest in the application form, contact information & demographic data, as well as provide a resume, unofficial transcript, contact information for 2 professional references (e.g., college instructor(s) and/or work manager), and a short personal statement of no more than 500 words. The personal statement asks applicants to state reasons for wanting to participate in the program, relevance of the program to future research plans, and provide brief details of research interest and/or experience.

Please note that not all referees will be contacted. Reference requests are sent out after the first application review in February/March.

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2023 program.


Participating Mentors – Summer Program 2023

Erol Akçay, Biology

Coren Apicella, Psychology

J. Nicholas Betley, Biology

Elizabeth Brannon, Psychology

Anjan Chatterjee, Neurology

Shinjae Chung, Neuroscience

Erin Conrad, Neurology

Gregory Corder, Psychiatry

Delphine Dahan, Psychology

Kathryn Davis, Neurology

Colin Ellis, Neurology

Emily Falk, Psychology & Communication

Marc Fuccillo, Neuroscience

Maria Geffen, Otorhinolaryngology

Joshua Gold, Neuroscience

James Gugger, Neurology

Roy Hamilton, Neurology

Jessie Handbury, Real Estate

Elizabeth (Zab) Johnson, Wharton Neuroscience

Michelle Johnson, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Joe Kable, Psychology

Samantha Moore-Berg, Peace and Conflict Neuroscience

Desmond Oathes, Psychiatry

Anna Papafragou, Linguistics

Bijan Pesaran, Neurosurgery

Michael Platt, Neuroscience, Marketing, & Psychology

Joshua Plotkin, Biology

Anna Schapiro, Psychology

Marc Schmidt, Biology

Benjamin Scholl, Neuroscience

Kathryn Schuler, Linguistics

Florian Schwarz, Linguistics

Joel Stein, Neuroradiology

Alan Stocker, Psychology

Dan Swingley, Psychology

Sharon Thompson-Schill, Psychology

Lyle Ungar, Computer & Information Science

Franz Weber, Neuroscience

Charles Yang, Linguistics


Questions? Email us at: imbsummerfellows@sas.upenn.edu