DivE In

Mindcore is the home of DivE In, the Diversity and Equity Initiative in the mind sciences. Click here to go to the official page.

MindCORE’s Diversity and Equity Initiative (DivE In) is now recruiting volunteers to organize the 4th annual DivE In mentorship weekend, which is October 18-20, 2024.

DivE In is a trainee-founded and led mentorship initiative that serves students from backgrounds underrepresented in academia, including (but not limited to) students of color, first-generation students, low-income students, and students identifying as LGBTQ+ who are interested in applying to PhD programs in the mind sciences. Students from underrepresented backgrounds often lack access to mentorship that bolsters more privileged students while applying to graduate programs. To contribute to eliminating these inequities, we organize a yearly weekend workshop intensive that is focused on demystifying the ins and outs of graduate school applications.

Across the past 3 years, 75%+ of students identified as persons of color and nearly half of the students reported not having anyone in the field to whom they could go for questions. After the weekend, we see 100% reported satisfaction as well as significant increases in students’ knowledge about and confidence in navigating the graduate school application process.

We are looking for graduate student, postdoc, and staff volunteers to contribute to aspects of organization, including admissions, communications, logistics, program development, and program evaluation. Organizing committees will meet approximately every 2 weeks or monthly to plan the event. Please fill out the brief volunteer interest survey here by Friday, March 15.

Volunteer survey URL if you need to paste it into a browser: https://forms.gle/pWjrfbgUa1zsztqS6

We absolutely could not organize this event or achieve meaningful outcomes without the deep involvement of the MindCORE community. Please reach out to me if you have any questions.

Thank you!

Russell Richie
Associate Director