MindCORE Executive Committee

Joseph Kable, Director
Heather Calvert, Executive Director
Allyson Mackey, Associate Director of Outreach
Russell Epstein, Associate Director of Research
Florian Schwarz, Associate Director of Education


Russell Richie, Associate Director of Cognitive Science
Jessica Marcus, Program Manager

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Faculty & Associates

Click here for the list of MindCORE Faculty & Associates.

MindCORE seeks to bring together faculty and researchers with diverse approaches to the study of the mind, from disciplines across the Arts & Sciences, Medicine, Business, Engineering, and others in order to stimulate and support interdisciplinary investigation in an effort to understand human intelligence and behavior. Central to this goal are the scholarly efforts of our affiliated faculty, staff, and trainees with formal affiliates defined in two appointment tracks.

For University of Pennsylvania (and/or CHOP) faculty or senior staff with an emerging or established record of research on topics connected to mind and brain, MindCORE faculty are appointed for two year terms. To become a MindCORE Faculty or Associate affiliate, please click here.

Other MindCORE Affiliates

MindCORE Postdoctoral Fellows

MindCORE Fellows are postdoctoral scholars, housed within the School of Arts and Sciences of the University of Pennsylvania, who work across disciplinary fields to improve knowledge about human intelligence and behavior. These Fellows are appointed for up to three years and have the freedom to pursue lines of research independent of specific faculty and in collaboration with members of labs filled with world-class talent. Typical Fellows have doctoral degrees in Psychology, Linguistics, Neuroscience, Philosophy, or other disciplines related to Cognitive Science. A call for applications is posted in fall with applications due in January and selections made in March.

Fellows receive a competitive salary and health insurance plus a research budget, are provided with a mentoring committee, and are an integral part of the larger MindCORE community of scholars. Two are typically appointed each year.

Click here for the MindCORE Fellows page.

Learn more about MindCORE Fellowship applications here.

MindCORE-sponsored Research Initiatives also have postdoctoral scholars.


Postdocs & Grad Students

For Postdoctoral scholars and graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania with emerging or established records of research in the field of mind and brain and are mentored by MindCORE Faculty. To become a MindCORE Postdoc or Grad Student affiliate, please fill out this survey.

The benefits available to all of our affiliates include: Eligibility to apply to the MindCORE Activity Fund and for research support; research dissemination; networking and professional development events; conference and seminars.

Click here for the MindCORE Postdocs and Graduate Students page.

MindCORE Faculty Advisory Board

Faculty Advisory Board FY24
Vijay Balasubramanian, Physics
Liz Brannon, Psychology
Emily Falk, Annenberg
Martha Farah, Psychology
Maria Geffen, PSOM
Joshua Gold, PSOM
Roy Hamilton, PSOM
Gary Hatfield, Philosophy
Konrad Kording, SEAS and PSOM
Mark Liberman, Linguistics
Barbara Mellers, Psychology and Wharton
Anna Papafragou, Linguistics
Michael Platt, Psychology, PSOM and Wharton
Mecky Pohlschröder, Biology
Marc Schmidt, Biology
Dan Swingley, Psychology
Sharon Thompson-Schill, Psychology
Lyle Ungar, SEAS
Michael Weisberg, Philosophy

Faculty Advisory Board 2023-2024 ex-officio
David Brainard, Psychology
John Trueswell, Psychology – Co-Director, ILST
Charles Yang, Linguistics – Co-Director, ILST
Erol Akcay, Biology – Co-Director, SCEW
Gareth Roberts, Linguistics – Co-Director, SCEW
Nick Betley, Biology – Director, Interoceptomimetics