MindCORE seeks to bring together faculty and researchers with diverse approaches to the study of the mind, from disciplines across the Arts & Sciences, Medicine, Business, Engineering, and others in order to stimulate and support interdisciplinary investigation in an effort to understand human intelligence and behavior. Central to this goal are the scholarly efforts of our affiliated faculty, trainees, and staff with formal affiliates defined in two appointment tracks.

For University of Pennsylvania (and/or CHOP) faculty with an emerging or established record of research on topics connected to mind and brain. MindCORE faculty are appointed for two year terms. To become a MindCORE Faculty affiliate, please apply here.

Geoffrey Aguirre

Coren Apicella

Vijay Balasubramanian

Jonathan Baron

Danielle Bassett

Jere Behrman

Rinad Beidas

Sudeep Bhatia

Cristina Bicchieri

Nancy Bonini

David Brainard

Elizabeth Brannon

Ted Brodkin

Johannes Burge

Anjan Chatterjee

Robin Clark

Yale Cohen

Delphine Dahan

John Dani

Kathryn Davis

Rob DeRubeis

John Detre

Ramon Diaz-Arrastia

Angela Duckworth

David Embick

Russell Epstein

Emily Falk

Martha Farah

Lori Flanagan-Cato

Steve Fluharty

Maria Geffen

Larry Gladney

Joshua Gold

Geoff Goodwin

Jay Gottfried

Murray Grossman

Roy Hamilton

Gary Hatfield

Matthew Hocking

Joe Kable

Steven Kimbrough

Konrad Kording

Henry Kranzler

Jianjing Kuang

Julie Anne Legate

Caryn Lerman

Mark Liberman

Brian Litt

Allyson Mackey

Corey McMillan

Dawn Mechanic-Hamilton

Barbara Mellers

Ayelet Meron Ruscio

Lisa Miracchi

Desmond Oathes

Iris Paltin

Juhi Pandey

Michael Platt

Joshua Plotkin

Adrian Raine

Gareth Roberts

Nicole Rust

Brian Salzberg

Marc Schmidt

Hannah Schofield

Florian Schwarz

Martin Seligman

Robert Seyfarth

Daniel Singer

Robert Smith

Saul Sternberg

Daniel Swingley

Meredith Tamminga

Philip Tetlock

Sharon Thompson-Schill

John Trueswell

Lyle Ungar

Deena Weisberg

Michael Weisberg

Charles Yang

Arjun Yodh

MindCORE Associates

For Post-doctoral scholars and graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania with emerging or established records of research in the field of health policy or health systems research on topics connected to mind and brain and are mentored by MindCORE Faculty. To become a MindCORE Associate, please apply here.

The benefits available to all of our affiliates include: Eligibility to apply to the MindCORE Activity Fund and for research support; research dissemination; networking and professional development events; conference and seminars.

mindcore fellows

Julia Leonard (2018)

Colin Twomey (2018)



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