Events / ELM 3 – Experiments in Linguistic Meaning

ELM 3 – Experiments in Linguistic Meaning

From June 12, 2024 to June 14, 2024

Experiments in Linguistic Meaning is a biennial conference dedicated to the experimental study of linguistic meaning broadly construed, with a focus on theoretical issues in semantics and pragmatics, their interplay with other components of the grammar, their relation to language processing and acquisition, as well as their connections to human cognition and computation. It aims to include the broad and diverse spectrum of disciplines, topics, and methodologies involved, including linguistic, psychological, logical, philosophical, social, developmental, computational, as well as cross-linguistic and cross-cultural perspectives. The hope is to foster a community of scholars dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of meaning, who might lack opportunities to interact at this level otherwise. We encourage researchers from around the world to submit their recent work to ELM, and to attend in order to discuss the latest theories and data in the cognitive science of meaning broadly construed.


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Invited speakers:

Kathryn Davidson
Harvard University

Elsi Kaiser
University of Southern California

Joshua Knobe
Yale University


Invited Online Symposium on Language and Thought:

Paul Pietroski
Rutgers University

Sandra Waxman
Northwestern University

Alexis Wellwood
University of Southern California

Format: After a successful hybrid ELM 2, we will maintain the same format, namely:

  • start out with an online-only day (with on-site gathering options for in person attendees already there) on June 12,
  • followed by two in person presentation days (June 13-14) (with hybrid audience participation option).