Events / ILST seminar: Andrea Ceolin

ILST seminar: Andrea Ceolin

January 25, 2019
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Andrea Ceolin
Department of Linguistics
University of Pennsylvania


Functional Pressures on Sound Change


Recent attempts to address the ‘actuation problem’ (Weinrich et al. 1968) have focused on functional factors that might explain attested sound changes. While traditional views on sound change focus on perception errors (Ohala 1983), modern statistical approaches have suggested that sound change can be explained looking at communication efficiency (e.g. Cohen Priva 2017). In this presentation, I model simulations of sound change and use historical and contemporary data to test the predictions made by neutral and functional models of sound change. Two specific topics will be investigated: the relation between communication efficiency and phonetic dispersion in the lexicon (Dautriche et al. 2017) and the Functional Load Hypothesis (Wedel et al. 2013).

Snacks provided!


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