Events / IMB Seminar: Jessica Cantlon

IMB Seminar: Jessica Cantlon

Jessica Cantlon
Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences
University of Rochester


Primitive Math and Logic in the Developing Brain


Jessica Cantlon is Associate Professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, at the University of Rochester. Dr. Cantlon studies the origins and development of mathematical cognition through comparative research of human and non-human primates, and developmental research on human children. Her research investigates the origins of mathematics using methods from cognitive science, educational testing, and human neuroscience (fMRI). The goal of Dr. Cantlon’s research is to understand how the human brain develops mathematical rules and concepts. In her talk, Dr. Cantlon will discuss the fundamental and universal perception of number in humans, its evolutionary homolog in non-human primates, the primitive logic of mathematics, and its neural origin in humans. These studies from multiple populations and methods are important for identifying the interacting constraints on human thought from evolution, development, and the structure of the human brain.



The seminar will begin at 12:00pm. A pizza lunch will be served at 11:45am.