Events / IMB Seminar: Talia Konkle

IMB Seminar: Talia Konkle

Talia Konkle
Department of Psychology
Harvard University


The shape of things and the organization of object-responsive cortex


When we look at the world, we effortlessly recognize the objects around us and can bring to mind a wealth of knowledge about their properties. In part 1, I’ll present evidence that neural responses to objects are organized by high-level dimensions of animacy and size, but with underlying neural tuning to mid-level shape features. In part 2, I’ll present evidence that representational structure across much of the visual system has the requisite structure to predict visual behavior. Together, these projects suggest that there is a ubiquitous “shape space” mapped across all of occipitotemporal cortex that underlies our visual object processing capacities. Based on these findings, I’ll speculate that the large-scale spatial topography of these neural responses is critical for pulling explicit content out of a representational geometry.



The seminar will begin at 12:00pm in the SAIL Room. A pizza lunch will be served at 11:45am.