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Anna Schapiro Department of Psychology University of Pennsylvania   Learning and consolidating patterns in experience   There is a fundamental tension between storing discrete traces of individual experiences, which allows recall of particular moments in our past without interference, and extracting regularities across these experiences, which supports generalization and prediction in similar situations in the […]

Uriel Cohen Priva Cognitive, Linguistic, & Psychological Sciences Brown University   Understanding lenition through its causal structure   Consonant lenition refers to a list of seemingly unrelated processes that are grouped together by their tendency to occur in similar environments (e.g. intervocalically) and under similar conditions (e.g. in faster speech). These processes typically include degemination, […]

Angela Potochnik Department of Philosophy University of Cincinnati   Our World Isn’t Organized into Levels   Levels of organization and their use in science have received increased philosophical attention of late, including challenges to the well-foundedness or widespread┬áusefulness of levels concepts. One kind of response to these challenges has been to advocate a more precise […]