Jeffrey Greenberg Undergraduate Research Fellowship Fund

The Jeffrey Greenberg Undergraduate Research Fellowship Fund provides financial support to undergraduates conducting research on memory and the brain in the lab of a faculty member in the Department of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania.

The fund provides support for up to two undergraduates per year, working in a lab over two terms.

Greenberg Fellows should have a demonstrated commitment to carrying out undergraduate research with intent to become future scholars with an eye towards a career in science. The funds associated with this fellowship will support part-time research during either the spring or fall term (to be arranged in collaboration with the mentor) and eight weeks of full-time research during the summer term. A stipend of $5000 is available to each fellow contingent on completing the agreed upon hours between the fellow and PI. Undergraduate students receiving fellowship stipends must be full-time students at the University of Pennsylvania at the time they are awarded the fellowship. Greenberg Fellows, are welcome and encouraged to participate in programming provided through the MindCORE Summer Fellowship Program.

We invite faculty members to nominate students who would be a good fit for the fellowship by emailing Heather Calvert at by the last day of January of the year in which the student is applying.

Nominations should include the student’s resumé, relevant coursework, and a brief statement of their research goals and career interests.


The Fellowship is supported with a gift from Beth Geller Greenberg (W’85) and Lawrence D. Greenberg (W’85, WG’86) and named in honor of their son, Jeffrey Alexander Greenberg (C’13). As an undergraduate at Penn, Jeffrey became passionate about the study of computational cognitive neuroscience, a field in which he conducted and published original research. Through his strong sense of purpose, warm personality, and good humor, Jeffrey had an extraordinary impact on the lives of everyone who knew him, both at Penn and beyond. The Jeffrey Greenberg fellowship aims to support Penn undergraduates pursuing their passion in studying memory.