MindCORE Postdoctoral Research Fellows

MindCORE Fellows are postdoctoral scholars housed within the School of Arts and Sciences of the University of Pennsylvania who work across disciplinary fields to improve knowledge about human intelligence and behavior. These Fellows are appointed for up to three years and have the freedom to pursue lines of research independent of specific faculty and in collaboration with members of labs filled with world-class talent. Typically Fellows have doctoral degrees in psychology, linguistics, neuroscience, philosophy or other cognitive science discipline. Fellows receive a competitive salary and health insurance plus a research budget and are provided with a mentoring committee and made part of the larger MindCORE community of scholars. Two Fellows are appointed each year.

Colin Twomey (2018)
Colin uses information theory to understand the social dynamics that cause natural languages to form efficient descriptions of sensory information.

Julia Leonard (2018)
Julia is interested in understanding the various factors that impact children’s decisions to persist in the face of challenges and applications of this research to real-world learning.