From Play-Doh to Slinkies, an engaging introduction to the basics of the brain

The Kids Judge! Neuroscience Fair, sponsored by Biological Basis of Behavior (BBB), brought West Philadelphia fourth graders and Penn neuroscience students together for a morning of hands-on fun.


Shooting for the Moon: Linguistics students solving big problems

Kathryn Schuler, Assistant Professor in the Linguistics Department and MindCORE Affiliate, asked her students to think big. Throughout the semester, they worked on passion projects, following a Google X model to allow for unconstrained ideas to solve grand problems


MindCORE Undergraduate Fellow presents at 2019 International Neuropsychological Society Annual Meeting

Mariya Bershad, a Penn senior and participant in our 2018 Summer Fellowship program, presented her poster “Early detection of AD-related Cognitive Change with the Mobile Cognitive App Performance Program (mCAPP)” at the 2019 INS Annual Meeting. This pilot study investigated the feasibility and preliminary psychometric properties of a mobile app-based memory task (mCAPP) that targets memory changes associated with preclinical Alzheimer’s Disease.



Philly accent: There’s a lot youse don’t know about it. Just ask these experts.

Linguists say young women tend to be at the forefront of language changes–in Philadelphia and across the globe. “As Paris is to fashion, the thinking goes, so are young women to linguistic innovation.” – Meredith Tamminga, Assistant Professor of Linguistics, UPenn

Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/15/19

Procrastinating on Climate Change

Joseph Kable, Baird Term Professor of Psychology and MindCORE Associate Director for Research, discusses why humans can’t seem to make the commitment to slow climate change.

Omnia, 1/23/19

A Summer Studying the Mind and Brain

MindCORE’s Undergraduate Summer Fellowship Program in Interdisciplinary Mind and Brain Studies provides Penn undergraduates with the opportunity to work full-time with a Penn faculty researcher for ten weeks, and to present their findings at the end of the Program.

Omnia, 12/03/18





Social scientists trade academic silos for shared workspace

Researchers at the new Social and Behavioral Sciences Initiative (SBSI), sponsored by MindCORE, have access to two state-of-the-art labs, grants, and a collaborative environment aimed at creating a vibrant research community.

Penn Today, 11/15/18





Widening the Lens on Language Study

MindCORE faculty in the School of Arts and Sciences use language to unravel mysteries of culture, cognition, and communication.

Omnia, 10/10/18





What happens to the brain after a traumatic injury?

Two undergraduates interning with Penn Medicine’s Ramon Diaz-Arrastia spent the summer looking for biomarkers in the blood of TBI patients, and studying whether the generic form of Viagra might help promote recovery after such an injury.

Penn Today, 9/28/18



Sharing the science behind what we do, what we say, and how we learn

During a two-week mindCORE summer workshop for undergraduates across the country, Penn faculty from eight departments and five schools presented their research on a range of on mind- and brain-focused topics.

Penn Today, 6/15/18




New Interdisciplinary Center to Promote the Study of Human Intelligence and Behavior

MindCORE launched in January 2018.

Almanac, 12/12/17



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