Research Assistant Training Program

Every semester, MindCORE runs the Research Assistant Training Program, a six-week mini-course (1.5 hour-long class per week) training undergraduates in the practice of cognitive science research. The mini-course covers topics spanning every step of the research process, including hypothesis generation and literature review, preregistration, data collection, data analysis and data visualization (Python or R), and manuscript preparation and publication. Each student will complete a research project including each of these steps. The course also includes an overview of careers in cognitive science, and should help students make more informed decisions about pursuing a career in cognitive science.

Week 1: Hypothesis generation, Literature Review (Mendeley), Ethics, Pre-registration (OSF)
Week 2: Collecting, Storing, and Managing Data for Reproducible Science (Qualtrics, Prolific, OSF)
Week 3: Getting Started in Python or R
Week 4: Inferential Statistics in Python or R
Week 5: Data Visualization in Python or R
Week 6: Preparing for a Career in Cognitive Science

This mini-course has a ‘flipped’ classroom. Before class each week, you are expected to watch pre-recorded video lectures on the content for that week. During in-person class, you can ask questions about the week’s content, and work on the week’s assignment for your project, with help from instructors and peers. Given the limited number of spots we can offer, students admitted to RATP are expected to attend all in-person classes (with exceptions/accommodations made for illness, religious observance, etc.). If you are interested in the pre-recorded videos but can’t attend in-person, get in touch with the instructor mentioned below.

The RATP in Spring 2024 will be held Fridays from 10:00am to 11:30am in Goddard 200, from February 16 to March 29. The course will be run by MindCORE Associate Director of Cognitive Science Russell Richie. Apply using the form below. Applications are due Friday Feb 2, 11:59pm.


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