STAMP Professional Development Webinars

Below you’ll find links to webinars on professional & academic development. STAMP recommends mentees choose at least 2 webinars per semester to watch and discuss with their mentor. You may also find your own webinars that are most relevant to your goals!


Graduate School Overview

Grad School 101 Workshop

PANEL: MD/PhD: Is it for You? (2021 NIH Graduate & Professional School Fair)

Thoughts on the Graduate & Professional School Experience

Which Degree Will Get You Where You Want to Go?

Succeeding in Graduate School for Future Graduate Students

What Can You Do in College to Enhance Your Chances of Getting into Medical or Graduate School?

Academic Postbac Programs: What’s Available and Why Complete One?

A Master’s Degree: Will It Get You Where You Want to Go?


Applying to & Selecting Graduate Programs

Advice from Admissions Directors: Applying to Graduate School

Writing Personal & Research Statements for Graduate Programs

Preparing for Virtual Graduate School Interviews: Fall 2020 Edition

Interviewing: Virtual Interview Tips

Interviewing Playlist

PANEL: Getting to Medical School (NIH Graduate & Professional School Fair 2021)

PANEL: Getting into a PhD Program in the Biosciences (NIH Graduate & Professional School Fair 2021)

Choosing & Applying to Graduate School

Finding Your Research Home


Careers in Academia

Faculty Careers: An Introduction to Academia

Behind the CV: Stories from Faculty

Research Intensive Careers (Non-Industry)

Resilience in the Job Search

Career Planning for Scientists

From Admissions to Career Opportunities: Bioengineering

Career Development in Neuropsychology

From Admissions to Career Opportunities: Public Health Parts I & II

From Admissions to Career Opportunities – Clinical Psychology


Non-Academic Jobs & Alternatives to Academia

Supporting the Whole Scientist: Careers Beyond Academia

Launch and Advance a Career in Science without a PhD

Industry Careers: Successfully Transitioning to Your First Job

Starting a Career in Industry: Sandra Bonne-Annee, PhD

Industry: Non-Bench Careers

Industry Careers Overview & Job Packages

FASEB Webinar: Introduction to Science Policy Fellowships

Transitioning from the Bench to a Career in Science Policy

Industry Careers: Research and Development – Matthew Meyer, PhD 

Industry Careers: Drug Discovery in the Biopharma Industry – David Hackos, PhD

Careers in Science Policy Panel

Technology Transfer Careers: Sam Bish, PhD

Technology Transfer Careers: Nakisha Holder, PhD

Science Education & Outreach Careers

Careers in Curriculum Development: Katya Vines, PhD

Government Careers Panel

Public Health Careers

Science Communications Careers Panel

Careers in Consulting & Strategy: Michael Ferenczy, PhD

Careers in Consulting: Jenn Symonds, PhD

Industry Research & Development Careers

Science Administration Careers

Careers in Biotech & Pharma: Finding Your Fit in the Bioscience Industry

Career Paths in Biotech & Pharma


Job Searching

STEM Job Search

Organizing the Senior Year Job Search (Not Finance, Consulting, or Tech)

Understanding the Academic Job Search & Working With Your Mentor to Achieve Your Career Goals

Jobs & Internship Search Strategies + SEA Info

Interviewing Playlist


Resumes/CV’s, Cover Letters, Networking & Academic Skills

Resumes and Cover Letters

CV vs Resume: What’s the Difference

CVs, Resumes, and Cover Letters Essential Job Search Documents

Basics of Preparing an Academic CV and Cover Letter

Creating Compelling Resumes & Cover Letters

Resumes & CV’s Playlist

CVs, Resumes, and Cover Letters Essential Job Search Documents

Basics of Preparing an Academic CV and Cover Letter

Creating Compelling Resumes & Cover Letters

Resumes & CV’s Playlist

Fantastic Cover Letter Writing

Resume Workshop

Networking, Informational Interview, and Using LinkedIn for Career Advancement

Networking for Scientists (2021)

Networking Playlist

How to find and fund internships

Creating and Presenting Virtual Posters

Reading Scientific Papers


Relationships with Advisors & Mentors

How to Find the Right Mentors and Ask for Career Advice

Promoting Effective Mentoring in Science Careers


Stress, Health, & Well-being

Mental Health Matters: Finding Space in a University Setting Webinar

Achieving Work Life Balance in a Scientific Career

Becoming a Resilient Scientist Series (Part 1): An Introduction to Resilience & Wellness

Mental Health & Wellness Series 

Stress Management and Wellness for Scientists

Strategies and Tools for Dealing with Stress During the Coronavirus


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