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Alan Spector Department of Psychology Florida State University   Gastric Bypass: Taste, Palatability, and Food Selection   Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) has become a common bariatric surgical procedure because of its long-term effectiveness at promoting weight loss and curtailing type-2 diabetes mellitus. In addition to decreasing appetite and food intake, RYGB is currently thought to […]

Charan Ranganath Department of Psychology UC Davis   The Where, When, and How of Episodic Memory, and Why it Matters   Many theories of learning and memory do not differentiate between features of an event (who? and what?) and its associated context (when? where? how?). I will highlight evidence showing that information about people and […]

Leslie Valiant T. Jefferson Coolidge Professor of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics Harvard University   What Needs to be Added to Machine Learning?   Supervised learning is a cognitive phenomenon which has proved amenable both to theoretical analysis as well as exploitation as a technology. However, not all of cognition can be accounted for by […]

Jessica Cantlon Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences University of Rochester   Primitive Math and Logic in the Developing Brain   Jessica Cantlon is Associate Professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, at the University of Rochester. Dr. Cantlon studies the origins and development of mathematical cognition through comparative research of human and non-human primates, and […]

The mission of SCIPS is to support and enhance the professional development of trainees in psychological sciences, and in related disciplines in the neural and behavioral sciences. Trainees have the opportunity to ask questions of rotating panels of student, post-doc, and faculty experts.   April’s topic is: Best research practices: Managing multiple projects and collaborations. […]

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