Events / MindCORE Seminar: Maiken Scott

MindCORE Seminar: Maiken Scott

September 8, 2023
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

111 Levin Building

Maiken Scott



Why Talking About Science Matters (and How to Do it Well)


Think about the last time a non-scientist asked you what you do for a living, or what you’re studying. Did you see their eyes glaze over as you tried to explain? Did they suddenly have to take an urgent call? Or maybe they offered a hot take on vaccines or climate change.


Talking about science has become highly charged territory, but having these conversations is as important as it is challenging. Beyond better cocktail party conversations, being able to explain science is important for many different reasons – especially since science funding relies on public support.


How can you become a strong science communicator who has people asking questions and engaging in these topics?


Maiken Scott, host of weekly health and science show “The Pulse,” offers tips and tricks she has learned from successful science communicators.



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