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  • From January 1, 2018

CNI Seminar: SueYeon Chung

March 12, 2024
12:00 PM - 1:15 PM

SueYeon Chung Center for Neural Science NYU   Multi-scale theory of neural representations in biological and artificial neural networks   A central goal in neuroscience is to understand how orchestrated computations in the brain arise from the properties of individual neurons and networks of such neurons. To achieve this, it is crucial to bridge phenomena […]

Please join us for the next edition of E.A.R.S. (Electronic Auditory Research Seminars), a monthly auditory seminar series focused on central auditory processing and circuits.   This session is our Professional development session with panel discussion on “Neuroscience careers outside of academia.” We have four speakers on the panel:   1. Mira Puri – Azrieli […]

Reconstruction of Temporal and Spatial Order Information   A reconstruction-of-order task illuminated the dynamics and strategies that underlie serial order recall. Following an initial baseline experiment, a second experiment orthogonally varied temporal and spatial positions. This experiment yielded large performance differences between recalling temporal and spatial information. In the temporal condition, participants attempted to reconstruct […]