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Hollie Putnam Department of Biological Sciences University of Rhode Island   Avenues of Marine Invertebrate Acclimatization in Response to Rapid Environmental Change   The swiftly changing climate presents a challenge to organismal fitness by creating a mismatch between the current environment and phenotypes adapted to historic conditions. Rapid compensatory response to environmental change generated by […]

Norms & Behavioral Change Workshop

October 17, 2019 and October 18, 2019

Norms and Behavioral Change Workshop 2019   Register by October 10 ($100 for Penn students and staff)   The 2019 Norms and Behavioral Change Workshop, organized by Cristina Bicchieri, Eugen Dimant and Enrique Fatas, is a two-day workshop the brings together researchers studying the relationship between social norms and behavioral change. This includes experimental, empirical, and theoretical […]