ILST seminar: Kathryn Schuler

December 3, 2018
1:30 AM - 3:00 PM

The effect of left hemisphere stroke on statistical language learning   Human learners are known to capitalize on the statistical regularities in their environment in order to acquire both linguistic and non-linguistics patterns. Neuroimaging studies in healthy young adults associate this kind of learning with the left inferior frontal gyrus (LIFG), left arcuate fasciculus, and […]

CNI seminar: Henry Abarbanel

December 4, 2018
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Henry Abarbanel Director, Nonlinear Science Program Department of Physics University of California, San Diego   Data Assimilation and Machine Learning as Statistical Physics Problems: Uses in Neuroscience and Deepest Learning   Many problems in Neurobiology and the Biology of Neural Systems require transferring sparse information from noisy laboratory observations to models of the complex, nonlinear […]

Penn Neuroscience graduate students are hosting a public lecture entitled “Uncovering the Neuroscience of Mental Illness” which will feature 3 fifteen-minute TED style talks from Penn neuroscience faculty members Drs. Yvette Sheline, Raquel Gur, and Desmond Oathes.   Date: Tuesday, December 4th, 6:30pm (Check-in and demos begin at 6pm) Location: Rubenstein Auditorium, Smilow Center for […]