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    MindCORE’s Virtual Writing Room offers a space for productivity and motivation while many of us are transitioning to remote work.

    You can participate in the Virtual Writing Room in several ways:

    1. Join us every Monday morning for setting you intention and/or goal for the week. Just like the normal Writing Room, we ask you to dedicate at least 3 hours to this goal, at a time of your choosing.
    2. Sign up for accountability partner check-ins on this sheet. This includes a weekly check-in via phone, chat, Skype, Zoom, Google hangouts, or another preferred platform, to update your partner on your progress.
    3. Utilize our resources for goal planning and commitment devices as well as external resources for remote work and well-being.
    4. Post on our forums to share tips, ideas, and other feedback you’d like to share with others in the Virtual Writing Room!

    As an evolving platform, we are open to suggestions and other ideas! Please feel free to email Michelle Johnson (michellj@sas.upenn.edu) with any feedback.

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