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Welcome to the MindCORE Outreach Library! We maintain a collection of exhibits, demonstrations, and educational tools to be used for scientific outreach. Our pieces are all designed, created, or verified by researchers here at the University of Pennsylvania and are open to use by anyone in the Philadelphia community.

If you would like to check out a piece from our library, please email your request to Michelle Johnson at michellj@sas.upenn.edu at least one week before you need it.

ADD TO OUR COLLECTION: We are currently looking to grow our library! If you have any item or exhibit you would like to contribute, please email Michelle Johnson at michellj@sas.upenn.edu


Library Pieces

Sweet & Sour Science

Learn about sensory receptors and tongue maps!

Magic Berries

Turn lemonade sweet with a brain-tricking berry!


Learn about the structure of the skull and brain & why it’s important to wear a helmet!

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