Maya Dewhurst, Lancaster University   Nasality in Greater Manchester: (Aero)acoustics and variation   Variation in voice quality is a socially meaningful phenomenon and plays an important role in acts of identity construction and group membership (Podesva and Callier, 2015). “Nasal voice”, or nasality, specifically, has been found to index a range of social characteristics (Bucholtz, […]

ILST Seminar: Sarah Hye-yeon Lee

September 15, 2023
1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Sarah Hye-yeon Lee Language and Cognition Lab University of Pennsylvania   Signatures of individuation across objects and events   The physical world provides humans with continuous streams of experience in both space and time. The human mind, however, can parse and organize this continuous input into discrete, individual units. In this talk, I will characterize […]